My name is Millie and I am a 24 year old French girl living between Toronto and the South of France.

I am a part time content creator on instagram under the username @absolutely.millie. 

I mostly post about fashion, health and beauty, as described more below.

Health, wellness & beauty

I fell into the health/wellness/nutrition world when I got desperate about my severe acne, back when I was 16. As my english got better and blogs became mainstream, I learned a lot on the health and wellness topics ; I knew nutrition could impact my weight, but I had no idea nutrition could impact my skin nor my mood. How magical !
Today it's almost common knowledge, but back when I was 16 it wasn't that mainstream ; the word "detox" had never showed up for example.

Ever since that day I never stopped learning. I read everything I could about nutrition, health, skin, wellness, mindfulness, clean beauty and such, digging deeper and deeper to understand the mechanisms of our bodies. So here I am today, sharing my knowledge on this website, learning every day something more to bring it to you, documenting my journey on trying to look and feel at my best.


I am a confessed fashion addict.
I admire the materials, the cuts, the colors, how you can express yourself through it, deciding when to follow a trend (or not), and if so : in which way ?
I love art, and I get a lot of joy from contemplating pretty objects so I could pretty much buy anything and everything. But when it comes to fashion, I'm trying my best to buy pieces that will fit my style and lifestyle, on a student budget ! Everything you'll see here will be pretty minimal, neutral colored, with nice cuts and fabrics, with that French touch that will probably never leave me.

Feel free to send a message anytime asking for articles on specific topics ; I'd be glad to document myself and bring you the information !

I wish you the very best,

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