Balibody : worth the hype ?

July 18, 2019

You've probably seen their rectangle-shaped bottles in the hands of living mermaids all through the gram. And if not, that's where I come in handy ! Tried their products and here's my thoughts on the brand.

The brand

☞ Balibody's website here

Balibody  sells sun care, skincare and self tanning products.
They offered me to try their products a few months ago, and after a quick check-up, I decided that I was willing to give it a go. The major problem I have with those brands we see everywhere on social media is that most of the time they use a mass-marketing strategy, hiring a lot of high end influencers to promote their products, while their product might not be worth the hype...
The thing is, even though Balidbody doesn't communicate much on being a "clean" brand : it is ! Their tanning oils have a minimal composition, using only natural ingredients.

What's inside their body oils

I accepted to try their body oil after checking the ingredient list of their original Natural Sun Tanning & Body Oil ; grape seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and natural fragrance.
Pretty minimal composition, natural and very efficient when it comes to nourishing the skin !

Using oils to tan..?

I never use oils to tan faster (I usually go for an SPF50 when it comes to tanning, and yes, I still do tan with this kind of sunscreen), so I liked the fact that also they offered oils with an SPF !
You can choose the scent you like the most (grape, peach, pineapple, watermelon cacao or their original scent), and then decide it you want an SPF or not. They currently have SPF6 & 15 which is a good start !

Because I'm French (or not) and that I've learned that the best anti-aging cream you'll ever find on the market is sunscreen, I prefer to use their oils as regular moisturizing oils ; on the body, face, hair...
I'm dying to try their self tanner though !

My recommendations

Their cocoa tanning oil smells divine, they also have a shimmering body oil which is to die for, a bronzing lotion, sunscreen, lip balm, hydrating mist, BB cream, body moisturizer and loads of self tanners.

My recommendation would be on their shimmering body oil ; to use it day and night during those endless summer days to keep your skin moisturized AND looking fabulous, but also during the colder months as an ultimate self care gesture.
If you don't like shimmer, I'd suggest you go for your favorite scent from their body oil collection. I'd be very curious to try peach, but I must admit that cocoa is, so far, my favorite... Must have !

Take care and see you soon

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