Lifestyle favorites #01

March 31, 2020

A very home-oriented article to open this lifestyle fav series. Being someone who loves to stay at home and since we're all on lockdown, I figured timing would be right to share with you 3 things that made our life and our place better !

☞ Vitruvi terracotta diffuser

I don't know exactly what happened, but I recently got obsessed with everything Terracotta. Probably due to the cold and gloomy weather in Toronto, as well as the fact that I'm missing France and Morocco ! I believe home is not really about the place you live in but more of a feeling, and bringing in a couple of objects to our flat in Toronto has certainly helped to make it feel like home.
Terracotta reminds me of the tiles I could see from my window in the South of France and the potteries my grandma has in her garden in Morocco.

I wanted to get a diffuser for our place for a while but I didn't click with any of the ones I had seen in stores or online; they were all fully made with plastic and I didn't like the look nor the thought of it.

This diffuser, made by Vitruvi, was an instant crush. It is made with a clay top and the material makes it everything : it's something I'm going to put essential oils in with the conscious goal of making our home nicer and healthier, therefore I really wanted to stay away from anything plastic-made. The combination of clay + essential oils definitely makes me feel more grounded.

This diffuser is on the pricier side but it became an everyday-essential in our place ! I adore the fact that you can light it up too, but no cheap and weird color set-up coming from an LED rainbow lightbulb; instead this diffuser boasts a nice, warm color.
Considering my budget right now, it was a huge splurge but the object itself is a work of art, works wonderfully, and holds a special place in my heart... reminding me of where I come from with its distinct look, but also by diffusing nice smells like cedarwood and bitter orange that never fail to bring memories of Morocco, or soothing essential oils like lavender that take me right back to the South of France.

- Wrote an article on my favorite flower essential oils that you can find  here

☞ Our milk frother


As a huge coffee lover, a sucker for elaborate coffee-based beverages (I'm that annoying girl who would ask for a triple mokaccino with soy and a dash of cinnamon for example) AND someone who hates sweetened beverages (I'm a pain in the ass, I know), coffee at home is ten times better for me. I make it the exact way I like it ! I stocked up on unsweetened flavored coffees, spices, dark cacao powder, vanilla extract... EVERYTHING.

But one thing that was missing this whole time : a milk frother. It will take your coffee to another level, trust me.
We recently purchased one from Amazon that works wonderfully; we use it with soy milk and I honestly would never go back ! I have no shame admitting that I would probably take our frother with me wherever I travelled. Yes, that's how addicted I am...

$40 - 30EUR

☞ Amber glass bottles and jars

We already had our collection of clear glass jars where we put all of our grains, cereals, and nuts (which allows us to buy in bulk, have cupboards somewhat organized and make a nice kitchen decoration if you leave it on sight)... but I wanted to take it next level.
Disclaimer : organizing your pantry is addictive, and even though I'm definitely more of the messy type, it grew on me. Beware, you might find yourself being very satisfied with buying empty containers, just so you know !

As a coffee and tea addict, just like my partner, we're starting to have quite a collection at home now. Cupboards are full, but we're guilty of loving trying new ones..

To keep our loose leaf tea collection that we cherish nice and fresh, and see a little bit clearer in the cupboard, I decided to get amber glass jars. As tea and coffee are UV sensitive, the best way to keep them flavorful is to either put them in tins or amber glass containers.
If you're curious, this is the one I got : 12 jars on amazon for 33$.

This is our first flat together and there's so many things that I want to do right from the start ; buy in bulk more, reduce our waste, and avoid plastic as much as possible. We don't have kids yet, but whether it's about keeping my partner or kids healthy, and have a more sustainable + eco-conscious lifestyle, I'm all in.


Hope you liked this selection !
Take care


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