My flowery essential oil collection

February 17, 2022

A selection of essential oils that smells divine AND make you feel good, the all-natural way. Aromatherapy has never smelled so nice, like, ever.

I'm very sensitive to scents, and while a lot of essential oils would have useful health properties that I would benefit from, the truth is that only a few make the cut into my diffuser or my homemade oil blends. Here's the flowery ones that I love the most, and while I didn't make it a point to only talk about anxiety-relieving essential oils, turns out that most (if not all) of them are !

I mostly use those in my diffuser, but I like to add a drop here and there to my homemade body oil blends for their amazing scent as well.

Ylang ylang - Cananga odorata

With its exotic and deep scent, Ylang-ylang has calming and soothing properties, helping with anxiety, stress & tension, without the sedative effects other oils can have. It helps treat overall fatigue while stimulating both mind and body.
As for beauty products, you can add a couple drops of this essential oil to your haircare products to add some bounce and shine, or to your skincare products to help balance your skin while giving it an extra antioxidant boost.
It's a great essential oil, that usually is on the low price range compared to other essential oils, especially when it comes to the flowery ones..
As a final tip, I'd suggest staying light-handed when using it because the smell can be pretty strong.

 Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia

A true must-have that you'll find in every essential oil base kit since it helps inducing sleep due to its sedative properties (great to fight stress, anxiety and insomnia). So just to clarify : lavender could make you sleepy, while ylang-ylang won't. It also has purifying properties which make it a great pick for a home diffuser if you want to both clean your home and give your mind a breather. On the mind-body connection, lavender is known to bring balance and harmony while boosting creativity !
You can also use it in your homemade oil blends or add a drop here and there to your skincare for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and healing properties.

A huge favorite of mine since it "grounds", makes me feel at peace and reminds me of the South of France. But those three are already pretty linked when it comes to me :)

 Neroli - Citrus aurantium var. amara

Neroli essential oil is known to ease anxiety and feelings of fear, while having relaxing and stimulating properties. It's the smell of orange trees flowers, which is used in baking to flavor pastries (especially french and oriental ones), and is sometimes used to scent baby products. It's basically the soothing smell of childhood ! Caring for our inner child, it is known to improve self confidence while making us feel at peace.

Applied topically, it contains anti-inflammatory compounds as well as anti-oxidants, which can only make one's skin healthier and better ! Applied on a wide surface (i.e. full body) it helps lower high blood pressure.
Pricier than ylang ylang and lavender, you can still find it at a decent price. It's a very long-lasting product anyway so think of it as tiny investment :)

 Jasmine - Jasminum officinale

The smell of jasmine is absolutely divine and its essential oil also has numerous health benefit properties, especially for women ! I've rarely seen an essential oil with a list of benefits on all women-related issues that was so long.. It helps prevent and fight PMS symptoms, as well as menopause and post-pregnancy symptoms, whether they are physical or mood-related, by balancing out hormones and bring some relief, without any side-effect !
Jasmine also helps fight depression, anxiety and stress by improving energy levels, mood and concentration, without making you feel wired or tense whatsoever.
This essential oil is a bit pricier too.

 Rose geranium - Pelargonium asperum

Purifying for both the air and the skin, it is recommended in skincare to help with redness, inflammation and acne. It has slight anti-anxiety and stress-relieving effects, but not as much as the other essential oils stated above, therefore I would recommend to add it in beauty products more than diffuse it... unless you want a 'dupe' for real rose essential oil ! Rose geranium has a close scent to roses, but with greener and more citrus-y notes. In my diffuser, I pair it with vanilla oleo extract to create a warm floral and sweet blend.
Note : vanilla essential oil doesn't exist, but you can buy oleo extract (which is vanilla oleo-resin diluted in an oil carrier to make it the right texture). It will still be a natural product, made out of real vanilla pods, that will carry the sweet smell of vanilla and its aroma-therapeutic effects.
This essential oil is on the low price-range.

Hope you liked this article and, as always, let me know if you'd like me to write on a certain topic since I love to make articles upon request !

Take care,


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