Supplements : what is MSM & why I love it

April 05, 2019

From helping fade away scars, relieving joint pain, reduce inflamation to growing  strong hair and nails, MSM does it all 

I won't say that ever since I discovered it, my life has been changed, but that's a supplement I always talk about to anyone coming to me looking for tips on scars, hair, nails or joint/muscles problems. 
Yup, that's how good it is.

☞  What is MSM ?

Technically, MSM is short for methylsulfonylmethane. -you get why we'll keep on using the nickname-

It's a sulfur-containing compound, usually found in the form of powder or pills. You can find traces of it in some foods (alfalfa sprouts, oysters, raw milk...) but it's lost during the cooking process and the dosages are so small that you'd need to eat tons of those foods in order to have the same effects as taking your daily pill of MSM.

☞  What are the benefits of MSM ?

MSM helps with the production of collagen (the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues), meaning it will dramatically improve how your body heals... It is GREAT for skin health and fading away scars, helps with the muscle repairing process after an intense workout, eases joint pain (and even heal joints if you're young and your body is still producing cartilage) and fights inflammation.

MSM is also used to synthetize keratin proteins, so it will make your hair grow thicker and faster !

☞  My experience with MSM :

I first started using it for my hair without knowing about the skin benefits but I quickly noticed how fast my acne scars were fading away. It was litterally crazy ! I'd recommend it to anyone looking for preventing or healing scars ; whether it's for acne, stretch marks or any other type of scarring.

☞  What is the recommended dosage for MSM ?

You can take up to 500mg to 3g daily. I usually take 2-3 grams daily during 3 weeks, but it's safe to use over an extend period of time.

  Where to buy MSM ?

Any store with a supplement section (WholeFoods, CVS...), iHerb, "pharmacies" or Aroma-Zone for my French readers out there...

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