The best leave-in haircare products for fine hair

July 23, 2021

With my long, fine and sun-bleached blond locks, having a team of trusted allies to keep them alive is non-negotiable. Hair masks and overnight treatments are mandatory, but I usually use those pre-shampoo and rely on leave-in products post shower. The challenge here is to nourish and moisturize, without weighing it down. Here are my top products !

All of those are so good that I've purchased them at least twice already.

Daily ultra nourishing cream - Phyto

My holy grail.
A little goes a verrry long way : I only need a pea-sized amount for the length that I have (my hair reaches my waist, to give you an idea). The texture is creamy but very thin, which is perfect to keep your hair moisturized without weighing it down, especially if you have thin hair.
I instantly makes my hair silky smooth ! I prefer to use this on dry hair as I've noticed that on damp hair it tends to weigh it down just a little.
Also, the smell is rich and creamy but in a very 'natural' way. Kind of like nice soy yogurt if you want, but don't take my word for it ; I suck at describing scents. But it does smell really nice, this you can take my word for it.

 Lightweight hydrating oil - Phyto

This one is similar in a lot of ways to the product above, but still different enough that I don't list it as a dupe.
This 'hydrating oil' is an emulsion, it is very liquidy and has a milky/watery texture that you can mist straight onto your hair. I love to use it on damp hair straight after getting out of the shower. It helps untangle my hair and make the brushing SO effortless !
I love this one for its texture : it's such a light mist that distributes evenly on hair evenly, without ever weighing it down. I definitely recommend using this one on damp hair as it will help spread the products even more, and giving it a good comb/brush after. On dry hair I'd be worried the spray would only land on one area/the top layers, without reaching the bottom layers.
As always, no silicones and a scent to die for.

Hemi-squalane - The Ordinary

Applying oil on thin hair usually leads to a disaster, no matter how hard you try. The slightest drop can make the hair look greasy, even with 'dry' oils... But here comes hemi-squalane !
So squalane is a cousin of squalene, which is a component that can be found in our own sebum (the natural oil our skin produces to protect itself), which means our bodies, skin and hair especially, love it.
Hemi-squalane is half of the molecular weight of regular squalane, which means the texture is even thinner. Two drops are enough to make a dramatic difference in the texture of your hair, taming frizz down and turning the driest of ends into healthy, silky-mooth hair.
It doesn't smell anything, the one from The Ordinary costs next to nothing, AND you can use it on your skin too (I love to use it on my face or add a couple drops to my body moisturizer to make it more efficient).
That thing is gold.

As always, hope you liked this article, feel free to comment with any suggestions or feedback !

Take care & much love,


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