The only shampoo I trust to remove oil treatments

April 14, 2019

If you've ever applied oil on your hair, from coconut to olive, then you know it takes much more than one single shampoo to remove.

☞ Why applying oil on hair ?

Oil leave-in conditioning treatments, which consist in applying oil onto your strands and/or scalp and leave it on for an extend period of time, are one of the greatest way to care for your hair. Putting oil on the scalp adresses concerns such as dandruffs, itchy scalp or hair growth, while putting oil on the strands strengthens the hair by bringing some moisture back, making it look healthy and shiny.

Even though I know oil leave-in treatments do wonders, I used to be reluctant do to so often because it was always a nightmare to remove ; it required shampooing at least twice, and if you forgot just one strand, it would look greasy as hell so you'd have to go back in the shower and start it all over again. And I'm just talk about coconut oil here... If you've ever tried using castor oil to grow your hair, then you know this stuff is THICK and needs to be applied straight to your scalp. From two shampoo sessions you'd have to go up to four. True nightmare.

☞ The science behind greasy hair...

Shampooing too often and/or with harsh surfactants can be damaging on the hair and make it produce more sebum (oil) to fight back the aggression making your hair greasy faster. On the other hand, using oil on your scalp as a leave-in treatment helps can help with greasy hair ; by giving the scalp enough oil, it doesn't have to produce as much to protect itself ! But if you need several shampoos to remove the oil, then you lose all the benefits...

I started looking for a solution, and came up with one : micellar foam cleanser.

☞ What are micellar foam cleansers ?

Formulated to remove oil, makeup, moisturizers and SPF residues from the skin in a very gentle way, I thought I'd try it as a shampoo to remove sebum from my scalp... And I got hooked.
This is the most effective yet gentle "shampoo" I've ever used, and trust me : I've tried dozens. The fact that it's already foamy helps cleaning every strand because the product is displayed everywhere.
To see how efficient it would be, I tried using it to remove coconut oil from my strands and a few weeks later, I even tried it to remove castor oil from my scalp. AND IT WORKED. It took me two  light shampoos to remove everything without stripping off my hair !

Ever since, I haven't stopped using micellar foam cleansers, and most of all, I was finally able to use castor oil to grow my hair. (PS : this stuff works like magic, everyone already knew but I couldn't tell since I tried once and gave up because it was a nightmare to wash off)

☞ Where to find micellar foam cleansers ?

A lot of French brands have their own micellar foam cleansers : Nuxe, Sanoflore, Avène, Taaj, Payot, Caudalie, La Roche Posay... I loved the Sanoflore one, but it was a tad expensive and luxurious to use  as a shampoo so I looked for a cheaper alternative that would be as gentle (stay away from any surfactant with the word "sulfate" in it) and I found this Avène Cleansing Foam formulated for babies ! Absolutely perfect !

To summarize this whole article I'll just say one thing : you have to try micellar foaming cleansers, both on your face and your scalp.

Take care,

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