Blonde hair care 101

August 22, 2019

Blonde locks are, by nature, very fragile ; depleted from melanin, the pigment in hair which is responsible for its color, blonde hair is often dry and brittle.

Even though blonde hair might require moisturizing heavily and regularly, more than other types of hair, it also requires additional color care.

Here's my guide to taking care of your hair in the best possible way, applying to any type of hair and texture, and today we'll add some more content by talking about the specificity of blonde hair : color care !

☞  Why is taking care of blonde hair tricky ?

The problem with blonde hair is that it tends to alter very quickly, turning brassy, yellowish & looking dull. What we do to prevent yellow tones on blonde hair is to use purple hair products ; shampoos, conditionner, hair masks...

☞  What's the science behind purple haircare products ?

If you take a look at the color wheel, you'll notice the color standing on the opposite side of the wheel from yellow is purple ; purple "cancels" yellow. Using purple haircare products will tame down the yellow tones, making your blonde look more neutral, and therefore ; natural.

☞  Finding purple haircare with no silicones...

Problem when you double the requirements with products (here : clean + purple), is that you divide by ten the number of products matching those requirements. Being blonde since I was born and trusting the sun and the sun only to give me highlights, I tried A LOT of products to keep my blond neutral. Here's my favorite products :

Mulato Terre bleue shampoo and conditioner     

Made in France with 96% of natural ingredients, it doesn't contain silicones and is very gentle for the hair. What I love about the conditioner is that it is VERY effective. No need to leave it on for more than 5 minutes. It's also one of the most budget friendly option that I've found.

15.50 € & 21 €

Christophe Robin Blond pur hair mask     

This might be easier to find since Christophe Robin is sold at Sephora, but this product is also pricier. It's a high-end hair mask, with a very clean composition and a violet scent to die for ! It says you can leave it on for up to 1h, but I used to put a small amount and leave it on overnight since it was pretty pricey. Works wonder !

38 € / 53$

Lush Daddy-O shampoo     

Lush also has a purple shampoo which smells divine but the surfactant they use is pretty harsh so I didn't like it as much.
Feel free to test it though, it might be the right one for you, who knows :)

8.95 € / 11.95 $

Hope this article helped you ! I was asked to do it by @alba_ffernandez on instagram, feel free to send me a DM to tell me what you'd like to see next on the blog ;)

Take care,

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