Beauty favorites #04

September 08, 2021

Today I have a lot of gems I'm very excited to show you, always on the clean skincare and makeup side of the force ! A concealer, a blush which doubles as a highlighter and is a perfect dupe for the Chanel Christmas limited edition, THE only makeup brush you need, an awesome toner and a great moisturizer !

Cos Rx propolis synergy toner

Definitely the product I've been the most excited about.. and yet never heard of before !
I apply raw honey as a face mask several times a week to help with pretty much anything : acne and scarring, calm down irritation, do some very light exfoliation, add some glow, moisturize a little.. so you can easily guess that I am a sucker for anything honey-based.
This toner's ingredient list features propolis extract (72%) and honey extract (10%) as the two first ingredients ! DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND A PRODUCT WITH ANYTHING ELSE THAN WATER AS A FIRST INGREDIENT ?
Anyway, this product has been awesome for me to use everyday since it's bringing me all the benefits of masking with pure honey, all throughout the day and without the stickiness. It also contains hyaluronic acid for some extra moisturizing properties. I put a couple drops in the palm of my hand after cleansing and rub it gently all across my face, neck and décolletage.
I feel like this toner does it all : soothes sensitive skin, calms down irritation, brings some glow and moisture, help with acne and scars.. Haven't been more excited about a skincare product in a while !


Youth to the people glow mask

My new everyday moisturizer.
Even though it's labeled as an overnight face mask, I also wear it during the day since it acts on the skin as a dewy moisturizer. Packed with antioxidants, squalane, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, this moisturizer really does it all !
I love how rich and moisturizing it is. The texture is thick and creamy, and a little goes a very long way ! Therefore, even though it's on the pricier side, it's still very worth it in my opinion.
I've noticed that it has made my skin glowier overall, and helped tame down A LOT my acne surges on my jaw and neck due to sugar. 
It has replaced my beloved go-to moisturizer from The Ordinary, which says a lot. 

Real techniques contour brush #206

(The third one in this picture from this kit)
I've been considering replacing all my makeup brushes for this one. Literally.
Highlighter, blush, contour, concealer : this brush does it all, and in the most beautiful way. It works beautifully with ALL textures : powder, cream and liquid !
What I really love about it is that it's precise enough, yet very soft and fluffy which makes a big difference when applying products for a no makeup look. You can really blend any product very easily and apply pretty much any very intense product light-handedly. And if you want a stronger color payoff, just add more to the brush and go back where you want a more intense look.
I've been LOVING it with the concealer mentioned below ! Such a perfect pair.

Hynt Beauty Duet perfecting concealer

I finally found a clean concealer with a VERY high coverage
The product is a blend of botanical waxes, butters/oils and pigments which comes in a small pot. As it has a very buttery texture, it will set into fine lines. What I do is just a quick extra buffing as a touch-up during the day.
You can either apply it with your fingers or with a brush, which has been my favorite way of applying it for optimum coverage, yet undetectable.
The Real Techniques contour brush (#206) allows me to really spread out/buff the product anywhere I need some concealing, which usually is around my eyes, nose and chin.
This product is amazing, a true staple clean makeup product !

Lilah b. highlighter

I had been trying to find a clean product which would be doing both blush and highlighter, in a cream form, all while eyeing on the Chanel limited-edition illuminating blush powder. Very contradictory, I know.
But damn, that warm pink, almost peachy, with golden undertones... The last time I fell utterly in love with a blush was when I discovered the Bobbi Brown blush stick in Desert Sun, which was three years ago. Says a lot.
Anyway, finding a clean option with the same exact color AND with a cream formulation was pretty much impossible, until I received the Lilah b. highlighter in the shade b.captivating.
I WISH I could swatch both so that we could all see the difference between the Chanel blush and this one, but from what I can tell, it's a very close match. It's slightly less red and saturated that the Chanel one, making it a bit more peachy/coppery, all while having that gorgeous golden shimmer.

The tiny downfall is that it's impossible to apply with a blush since it's not buttery enough (has more of a dry texture, if that makes any sense). I love to use brushes to be more precise with my application and diffuse the color, but don't try it with their products : it will make the matter travel around in the pot without getting barely any on the brush, and actually 'dig holes' on the pan. On the other hand, the fact that it's more of a 'dry' texture makes the color payoff insanely beautiful !
Anyway, their products are intended to be applied with our fingertips, warming it up in the pot to make it sink in the skin for a seamless application and finish.  

Also, the packaging is STUNNING and I couldn't not mention it in my review ! Lilah.b making the chicest, most lux and design packaging that I've ever came across in the clean beauty sphere, really.

Hope you liked this selection !

Take care & much love,

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