Matcha : my favorite alternative to coffee

April 11, 2019 Paris, France

With its bright green color and unique flavor, matcha powder has been one of my latest superfood crushes

When I desperately needed an afternoon pick me up, I used to go straight for coffee... Until I discovered matcha lattes. 

☞ What exactly is matcha ?

Matcha comes from Camelia sinensis, the tea plant. The only difference with our regular tea is that it's made out of the finest leaves, grown in the shade, which are then grinded ; it's a much more concentrated version. The fact that it's grown in the shade boosts its chlorophyl content.

☞ What are the benefits of matcha ?

The good thing with matcha is that it has similar energy boosting properties than coffee, yet better !
While coffee might worsen anxiety and give you jitters, matcha contains caffeine + L-theanine, a compound which helps make you feel relaxed and calm. The combination of both gives you a relaxed type of alertness

It also contains 3 times more EGCG than regular green tea, an antioxidant from the catechin family, which boosts metabolism. Antioxidants, just like EGCG, help with reversing diabetes, improving your skin, reducing heart disease risks, improving brain function, slow down aging and much more !

☞ My experience

Even though I'm drinking Oolong tea all day long, I stay away from coffee as much as I can ; I probably drink one two cups a week, that's it. Nevertheless, when I feel exhausted and desperately need something to wake me up, I know coffee is a viable solution. It did do its job, but it also sometimes make me feel jittery and anxious.
I tried matcha latte out of curiosity one day and my mind was blown away : it gave me long-lasting energy, without the jitters, and most of all : I felt alert yet peaceful !

☞ Where to buy matcha ?

  • I recommend choosing an organic matcha powder from Japan (the ones from China often contain a lot of pollutants from the soil).
  • Matcha is pricey, it's a high-quality product but you shouldn't need to buy a large quantity because it's very concentrated and has a strong flavor. Buy a small quantity and invest in some good quality matcha, trust me. 
  • A good matcha should have a bright flashy green color, avoid all kinds of dull green powders.
  • I bought mine in a small tea shop in France but this one from iHerb looks like a good one.

☞ How to prepare matcha lattes ?

There's a traditional way to prepare it, with a bamboo brisket, special bowls etc...
I just pour boiling water in a cup, filling it halfway, add half a teaspoon of matcha and unsweetened soy milk up to the top. I often add a few drops of vanilla extract to sweeten it just a bit and add a gourmet flavor.

Watch out with the dosage : matcha powder has a strong flavor (it tastes very "green" and can be bitter if you add too much). Start with a quarter of a teaspoon and work your way up until you get the desired taste.

Just like coffee, everybody likes its matcha latte a certain way. Play with the ingredients ; honey, coconut sugar for a caramel flavor, oat or coconut milk... The possibilities are endless !

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