Spring things

April 25, 2020 Toronto, ON, Canada

Spring has basically been virtual in Toronto this year. Because of this, I thought creating a moodboard of things that inspire me for this season would be more than welcome ! Tiny gems which will make you feel like spring just found its way into your home. Hope you'll like it <3
With much love, as always.

Flowy blouse - Mango

The pattern, the light fabric, the color...
Everything about it screams spring, flowers blooming, romance and poetry. When a piece of clothing brings me so much inspiration, I have a hard time resisting : I feel like I'm buying a book in which I'll be the main character. It's inspiration for me to write a new story that I'd be telling you through pictures.

  60 US$  -  36 € - 70 CAD$

Makeup brushes - Sephora x Sezane

The cutest makeup brushes I have ever seen, by far.
I love how daily objects, when they are really pretty and/or hold a special place in your heart can brighten up your day each time you use them or lay eyes on them. Those would make any bathroom shelf the cutest thing ever !
Available on Sephora.fr only (Sezane is a small French fashion brand)


Magic Luminizer - RMS Beauty

Glow, glow, glow.
Currently very obsessed with any liquidy, creamy or balmy texture so this highlighter was definitely a must-have. I love how buildable and seemingless it is ; no cheap glittery effect or risk of overdoing it. I have the Living Luminizer (the first one the brand released) which has a more of a white/pearly shimmer, but I feel like the Magic luminizer with its beige tones would look more natural and give a slight sunkissed look.

38 US$

White baggy jeans - Zara

I love when a statement piece of the season is one that is effortless to wear, therefore loose white jeans are a blessing ! I love how they look modern, classy and classic when worn with design shoes like leather loafers or sandals. Comfortable, stylish AND effortless ? I'm in !

40USD30EUR - 46CAD

Gold window mirror - H&M home

There's no such thing as having too many mirrors in my opinion, considering how much they brighten up a room and make a space appear bigger ! I really like the window-inspired design and gold accents of that one.

Discontinued at the moment :/

Beige planter - H&M home

Another thing that reminds me of France I guess, whether it's the clay plangters from Anduze we have in our gardens in the South or the big jars that you can see in the Louvre at the Galerie des orangers, I am very much in love with that planter. While we try to stand away from plants for now since we know there will be a moving in perspective, I would love to use it in our bathroom as a toothbrush jar/holder in the meantime !

Discontinued at the moment too.. :/

Wood lantern - Structube

Somewhere between design and island vibes, it would look great on our dresser or on the floor in a corner of our bedroom where I stack books and canvas.


Divine Duo Lip&cheek in shade 'b.lovely' - lilah b.

A beautiful cream multitasker with one of the cutest and designed packaging I've ever seen ! The color is a beautiful desaturated nude with warm tones, perfect for a sunkissed effect / bring a dash of color on the apple of the cheeks.
With a clean composition, always.


ope you liked this selection and that it brought you some sweet spring vibes !

Take care & much love,

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