Beauty favorites #03

May 23, 2020 Toronto, ON, Canada

Featuring the best lip gloss ever, as well as mineral contouring powder, glow in a bottle and much more ! Happy spring people :)                                                   

Clinique Pop splash lip gloss in Sorbet pop

In a desperate attempt to stop bitting my lips and a desire to actually start playing with lipstick again, I went for this lipgloss to add a bit of shine and a barely-there splash of color...
AND HOLY CRAP. Say hello to plump, moisturized, healthy lips !
It was awarded in 2019 by Allure as Best Beauty and I can clearly understand why : to me, it's the best lipgloss out there. It truly feels unique in terms of comfort ! It's also non-sticky, very moisturizing with  the perfect amount of sheen. If you like lip glosses, you HAVE to try this one.
This shade is an effortless pink nude that is the exact color of my lips, but I'd be very curious to try some bolder colors.

Alima Pure mineral pressed foundation in Teak

I never got over the fact that they discontinued my beloved loose mineral Contour powder in the shade Sombra (WHY THOUGH ?!), because it was the absolute best and also the only powder product that I've  actually finished in my entire life. Literallly. I scrapped every bits for days hoping that there would still be some product left.. and then went on a mission (with tears in my eyes) to find it again.
Well, spoiler alert : that didn't work. 
It happens that they have a specific shade in their pressed foundation collection that mimics contouring powder just as great ! The shade is called Teak and it doesn't have any warm or cold undertones to it : it is the perfect neutral brown. I've been a huge fan of their loose mineral foundation for years (the shade range is crazy, and it's the cleanest foundation I've ever came across). You might or might not know I nearly have OCD when it comes to what goes on my face because I got traumatized by severe acne... Well, this brand makes it onto my cheeks, eyes-closed !
I also like to use it as eyeshadow.

Zoeva Concealer buffer brush

I don't doubt that it would make a great concealer buffer brush, but I mostly use it for eyeshadow. When I do my eyes, I have to put concealer on my undereye but also on the entire upper lid because my skin is so thin you can actually see blood vessels peak through... And when I do use concealer, then I find my eyes to lack definition. My face looks flat and very meh. Therefore, to add definition I use a light neutral brown on the crease and outer part of the eyelid, works wonder !
I used to do this with the shade Naked 2 from the first Naked Basics palette, but it got discontinued (am I doomed or what ?). Now I use the Alima Pure foundation in shade Teak, as eyeshadow, to do that, and it's absolutely perfect. 
Two in one !

The Ordinary Hemi-squalane

Even though squalane is an oil, it helps with dehydrated skin too by helping retaining more moisture.  It's perfect for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin, but because it's such a basic ingredient in a lot of beauty products, anyone can use it regardless of their skin type. It will only bring you some more glow and care !
The difference between both The Ordinary serums (squalane and hemi-squalane) is that the hemi version has a lower molecular weight ; it penetrates deeper in the skin and feels dry + more lightweight.
It's a good skincare product/ingredient because it's the basic of the basics, but the reason why I love it so much is because it makes my hair shinier and softer without weighing it down ! Add a couple drops, rub it in your hands and just go through your ends. It keeps frizz at bay and really conditons your hair... for 3$.

Linked above is the heavier molecular version of their plant-based squalane (couldn't seem to be able to link the hemi-squalane from Sephora for some obscure reason..). The hemi-squalane is twice as cheap :)

Neroli essential oil

I mentioned it in one of my latest article about essential oils I'm using in our diffuser, but I've recently added it to my face oil and it took it to a whole new level.
It smells AMAZING.
Pick your favorite base oil (in doubt, use jojoba since it's the closest to the oil our skins produce) and add a couple drops of neroli essential oil to it. I'd add one or two drops if it's for the face, probably something like five if it's for the body (both for 100ml).
It has great soothing properties, makes you feel good and smells so nice you'll actually be tempted to skip putting perfume on !

Hope you liked this selection !
Take care & much love,

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