Clean tinted moisturizers : two favorites

September 16, 2020

Foundations and I are not friends. Tinted moisturizers on the other hand... I LOVE the fact that those products have a low coverage + act as an extra-layer of skincare. Here's a selection of my two favorite tinted moisturizers !

Hi friends ! It's been a while, and to be honest, I missed the blog a lot. I was in France for four months and I felt completely uninspired to write anything..  Also, I didn't have a laptop. 
Anyway, here we are to talk about my fav tinted moisturizers, which is VERY relevant right now as my post-summer complexion is not the greatest. Tan is slowly fading, skin is getting back to being thinner... And some things are no longer hidden by that beautiful suntanned glow haha
Here's the products that I've been reaching out to to make my skin look healthy and my complexion look more even.

But first, let me tell you why I don't reach out for high-coverage foundations... For two reasons ;
1) I spend a lot of time trying to bring some life back to my skin with blush, bronzer etc.. after applying it.
2) I hate the idea of having something 'thick' on my skin that doesn't let it breathe enough. Products have improved a lot with that, but it's something that's mostly in my head. #acnePTSD

What I love about about tinted moisturizers on the other hand, is that they even out the skin tone in a very subtle way while adding some extra moisture, which is always what I'm looking for with my dehydrated skin. Here's two products that I love and use every single time I'm reaching out for some complexion enhancement, for all budgets.

Burt's Bees Goodness glows tinted moisturizer

Very recently discovered, I love it because the ingredient list is very clean AND it's a bargain (around 10 USD).
The texture is very lightweight ; my skin literally drinks it, which leaves my complexion dewy, hydrated and evened-out in a very seamless way (just enough to make that slight redness around my nose + a couple tiny imperfections disappear). I would suggest getting two shades and mixing them to get the perfect color match.
The finish is very natural too : not too glowy or matte. Just like a plain moisturizer I'd say, which I absolutely love because it's totally undetectable. Again, for 10 bucks, it truly is an awesome product.

I use the shade Buff in the winter and will buy Natural beige for the summer.

The only downfall is that their shade range is not the greatest to say the least (6 shades, really ?) and doesn't include dark skin tones whatsoever. They really need to be more inclusive.

BareMinerals complexion rescue

With a texture described as a hydrating gel cream and an amazing ingredient list, this tinted moisturizer has been a favorite of mine for several years ! It's slightly pricier (a little bit over 30$ for 35ml), but I recently discovered that they also carry a 70ml version for 40$ on their website. The bigger size is not available on the Sephora website, therefore if you do love it and use it daily, I'd recommend you get it directly from the brand's website, which I will do for sure next time.

It's the perfect go-to product for daily use. It makes your skin radiant, glowy, moiturized and evened-out in a subtle way ; your skin but better, basically. It also contains titanium dioxide, which is a physical sunscreen, giving the product a SPF30.
Physical sunscreens work better than chemical sunscreens and I feel like they're better for the skin too, the only thing is that they're tricky ; they often leave a weird white cast finish... No problem here since it's a tinted moisturizer, they worked with the white to create their shade range. Absolutely beautiful !

I wear the shade #2 Vanilla in the winter and #3 Buttercream in the summer.

Hope you liked this selection ! Do you have any clean tinted moisturizers to recommend ?

Take care and much love,

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