Beauty favorites #02

December 16, 2019

From makeup to supplements, here's the products that I've been loving the most lately. Clean compositions and very natural/minimal beauty oriented, as always !

☞ Sleeping care for very dry or damaged hair - Yves Rocher

I bought this stuff a while ago, liked it and kind of forgot about it cause I basically stopped using any leave-on hair product. Packed this when I went to Brazil because I wanted a (clean) haircare product to soak my hair in before going kitesurfing and avoiding to end up with the driest hair ever…
Well this product certainly did the trick ! I’m so glad I rediscovered it.
The price tag is super gentle for a generous amount of product, the composition is very clean (no silicones or similar ingredients), and it does work great on dry and damaged hair.
On very fine hair, you only need a pea-sized amount of product because it can weigh it down. What I prefer to do is to use it as an overnight mask before shampooing the next day, or to care + style my hair when doing a sleek hairstyle (braids, tight bun…)

☞ So Intense mascara - Sisley

Whenever I want a natural result, with very defined and elongated lashes, it’s the one I always reach for. It doesn’t add any dramatic volume like the Diorshow Pump’n’Volume, Lancôme’s Mister Big or Kat Von D’s go big or go home, but that’s precisely why I love it : it looks natural and nothing more. The very specific comb-like applicator coats your every lashes in a liquid vinyl-like jet black formula.
Also, it’s easier to remove yet stays put all day, doesn’t flake, and cares for your eyelashes at the same time ! Make-up + care in the same product ? That’s how I roll.
I suspect that it might be very similar to Glossier’s Lash Slick based on reviews I read, but since I have never tried it I couldn’t tell.

☞ BareSkin concealer - BareMinerals

I finally invested in a real concealer. Until then, I would use my very light Erborian BB cream as an under eye concealer, which had a very light coverage but did the trick since I didn’t want anything too cakey/thick. It worked until I got very bad dark circles a one point recently, so I decided to amp up the game…
I wanted something « pretty clean » in terms of composition so I looked into the one from ItCosmetics but the texture felt too thick and greasy for me. The BareMinerals one has the perfect texture and the right amount of coverage.
Also love mixing it with my moisturizer to even out my complexion in the most subtle way !

☞ Radiance complex supplements - D-LAB Nutricosmetics

Packed with Maritime pine OPCs which boost the skin natural's radiance, protect from UV rays and prevents dark spots, imperfections & microcysts, this supplement is meant to bring a glow from within, even out your complexion while protecting the skin from external ongoing agressions. With a blend of minerals like copper, zinc, water extract from the Iroise Sea (which contains tons of minerals and trace elements) as well as several vitamins and antioxydants, this one-a-day is the boost every skin needs !
What I like the most about this supplement is while it had great effects on my skin, the minerals and antioxydants blend definitely made me feel better overall.


☞ Soy face cleanser - Fresh

The most gentle face cleanser I've tried to that day.
Formulated with soy proteins, cucumber extract, aloe vera and rose water, I am absolutely obsessed with its fresh and delicate cucumber smell. I especially love using when double cleansing ;
- a first cleanse which includes massaging a cold-pressed oil on my face, spraying rose water, massaging more and removing everything with a clean cotton pad,
- a second cleanse in which I wet my skin with a rosewater spray, dampen a clean tiny kabuki brush, add some soy cleanser straight on my skin and brush my face circle motions to make it foam.
Squeaky clean face guaranteed, with a very nice glow and no irritation whatsoever.
Pricey, but a little goes a very long way.

$38 - 39€

Hope you liked this selection !
Take care

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