Tea : the most delicate I've ever had

February 01, 2020

As a huge tea lover that drinks several cups daily, I've been trying hundreds of different ones. Here's the one that I've been loving the most throughout the years, and that I'm actually sipping while writing this article hehe

It's too good not to share.
Like, really.

$40  - 22€ 

☞   Milky Oolong

Forever and always my favorite ever since I discovered it three years ago ! I've been having it daily as my go-to beverage ever since, and haven't gone bored of it once.

The taste of oolong milky is just so soft ; it feels like a hug in a cup. With a hint of that creamy flavor that goes along with milk, it's the perfect balance between the freshness of green tea and the roundness of black tea.

It never becomes tart or too potent, the taste doesn't change whether you brew it for 5 minutes or just leave the leafs overnight. It doesn't make you jittery (Oolong has little caffeine), and doesn't create that tanin buildup you can witness on the surface of any cup of green or black tea when left aside for too long, meaning you can heat it back up several times without feeling like you're having yesterday's brew.

I linked this one from the French brand Mariage Frères, but most tea shops have their own Oolong milky, just ask !

Hope you enjoyed reading about this gem and that I got you curious to try it yourself !

Take care

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